SAM EXPO Moscow, Russia 2018

SAM EXPO 2018 – Specialized exhibition and symposium on aesthetic medicine event which is going to be held on 17th-19th January, 2018 in Moscow International Trade Center, Moscow, Russia. SAM Expo is one of the biggest events in Europe. This event will give many opportunities for all the surgeons who deal in cosmetology, Plastic Surgery and anti-age medicine and many more.


The main Aim of SAM EXPO 2018 is to have some modern changes in the pharmaceutical and medical field. This event will cover many more aspects like debates, practical experience, have words with researchers. The event is showcase of multiple medicine related products like cosmetology, Plastic Surgery and Anti-Age Medicine.


SAM Expo Russia 2018

Why you should attend the SAM Expo Moscow, Russia 2018 ?

  • Cosmetic preparation for correcting involution of skin changes
  • Drugs for botulism toxin
  • Plastic surgery instruments
  • Figure correction apparatus
  • Equipment for plastic surgery, cosmetology and physiotherapy
  • Drugs for mesotherapy, contour plastics and peeling
  • Stitched and expense materials
  • Preparations for pre and post operational care
  • Implants for plastic surgery & Medical laser systems
  • Pharmaceutical preparations and dietary supplements
SAM EXPO Moscow, Russia 2018
Moscow International Trade Center,Moscow, Russia
Starting on
January 17, 2018
Ending on
January 19, 2018

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